Digital development and production of medicinal cannabis

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from von Rainer Krüger und Dr. Lisann Eßer, J&K Consulting

Medicinal cannabis is being used more and more frequently as a form of therapy, which is why the demand in Germany is growing constantly. Producers are faced with the challenge not only of meeting the high demand, but also of ensuring the highest quality while complying with regulatory requirements. As in numerous economic sectors, digitalization is targeted as a solution to current and future problems by the cannabis industry. The use of new and digital technologies offers the possibility to maximize the production yield of cannabis and the quality of the products – while ensuring the highest level of product safety and traceability.

This article looks at medicinal cannabis as a form of therapy and its digitally assisted production. It shows why it is necessary to digitize existing processes and to establish modern digitization strategies. In this context, solution approaches are presented, and it is explained how the use of digital tools can have a positive influence on the manufacturing and distribution processes of medicinal cannabis.

Download the article as PDF here.

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