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Step into the medicinal cannabis business – What is your level of cultivation?

To enter the world of Pharma you must go through certain development stages to fully comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). All these stages are driven by minimizing patient risk. Therefore, a risk-based quality system needs to be established. Patient’s safety is the overall aim of GMP guidelines, whose compliance is inspected by the authorities. To fullfil authorities’ demand you need safe and reproducible products. By clicking on the following  button, you have the ability to download our questionnaire that…
7. June 2019

Medicinal Cannabis under GACP and GMP – A look into the future is worth a thought

von Jessica Grote When thinking about cultivating medicinal cannabis, most people see the easy money that seems to be within one’s reach. New facilities are built up that are designed to support optimal plant growth. People think about the correct water, light and air supply, but what stays a side effect is to design their facility according to GMP and GACP requirements.Another very important point often not taken into account is a look into the future. How will the facility…
18. April 2019