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Medicinal Cannabis – A matter of quality

from von Rainer Krüger und Dr. Lisann Eßer, J&K Consulting High demand and supposedly large profits are bringing more and more manufacturers of cannabis medicines onto the market. But can the products on offer provide the required quality? Since cannabis is to be sold in Germany as a pharmaceutical product, its production is regulated by the German Medicines Act and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. The guidelines aim to ensure the production of pharmaceutical products of consistent and high quality. However, product recalls in Canada are…
8. June 2022

Optimisation potential of the cannabis plant through sequencing

from von Rainer Krüger und Dr. Lisann Eßer, J&K Consulting The prescription of medicinal cannabis in Germany has been rising constantly in the last few years, which means that both the demand and the market are growing equally. However, medicinal cannabis is a drug whose active ingredient composition and concentration depend on the genetics of the plant and thus also achieve a different effect on the patient based on the genetics. By sequencing the genomes and comparing the sequences of…
8. June 2022

Use of the Blockchain in the production of Medical Cannabis

from von Rainer Krüger, CEO, J&K Consulting This article describes how the production of medicinal cannabis can be optimised through the fully integrated use of blockchain technology in the manufacturing and transport processes, thus creating a continuous data and information network. It shows how blockchain can be applied in the regulatory challenging production of medicinal cannabis, increasing traceability and quality of the products. By applying digital technology along the entire value chain, the identity of the medicinal product can be…
8. June 2022

Digital development and production of medicinal cannabis

from von Rainer Krüger und Dr. Lisann Eßer, J&K Consulting Medicinal cannabis is being used more and more frequently as a form of therapy, which is why the demand in Germany is growing constantly. Producers are faced with the challenge not only of meeting the high demand, but also of ensuring the highest quality while complying with regulatory requirements. As in numerous economic sectors, digitalization is targeted as a solution to current and future problems by the cannabis industry. The…
19. February 2022

API Confusion and Lack of Regional Standards: Issues On The Road To The German Cannabis Market

from Marguerite Arnold Germany is the top target market for cannabis companies globally, but where your cultivator or distributor is located, especially in the realm of API standards, can make all the difference. Destination Germany is the watchword for those in the international cannabis industry—but it is still a rocky path to gaining access for most. Specifically, there is a lot of confusion surrounding API and cannabis classification and issues from a lack of consistent standards. One of the most intriguing aspects…
17. May 2021

European Cannabis Association Is Working Towards A Harmonized Regulatory Framework

from Johnny Green  Cannabis is medicine. That is a phrase that has always been true, yet was not always reflected in public policy. The cannabis plant was prohibited across the globe for many years and subjected to a tremendous amount of negative propaganda and stigma. Fortunately, the truth about the cannabis plant and its wellness properties could not be contained forever. Activists across the planet worked extremely hard to cut through the propaganda and get the facts out to society…
22. March 2021

European Cannabis Association – ECA

We are proud to announce, that we are founding members of the European Cannabis Association. The European Cannabis Association is an association of companies that promote the development of appropriate and consistent standards to support the cultivation, processing and distribution of medical cannabis in Europe. Did we arouse your interest and you would like to have further information? We gladly be available for you. You can reach us through our contact page.
25. February 2020

Raise of data quality

Did we arouse your interest and you would like to have further information? We gladly be available for you. You can reach us through our contact page.
23. July 2019

Medizinalcannabis – die neue disruptive Veränderung bei Arzneimitteln?

von Christian Fritz Mit dem regulierten Anbau von Medizinalcannabis, nicht nur in Deutschland, steht die Pharmaindustrie vor einer neuen Herausforderung. Die regulierte Industrie ist also nun gefragt neue Prozesse für den Anbau von Medizinalcannabis zu etablieren. Wir, die J&K Consulting GmbH, können auf Grund unseres Knowhows im Bereich Good Agricultural Collection Practice (GACP) und Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) alle notwendigen Fragestellungen auf Stand der Wissenschaft und Technik beantworten. GACP- und GMP-Knowhow Die Realisierung von GACP und GMP Ansätzen ist vielschichtig…
11. January 2019